Top 15 property search websites for real estates in India [2022]

In property search, property search websites play an important role. In the amid of pandemic, they play an important role as physical appearance need to avoid to spread the virus. The real estate market also gearing up for customer & market needs. Before the internet revolution, people are mostly depending upon real estate brokers or agents for searching their home or property requirements, where they need to go physically and search for the right options.

It was a time-consuming activity due to the limited options and requirements of your physical presence. But that scenario is completely changed due to the internet revolution. Now everything is available just with a mouse click or on your phone. There are several good real estate websites options are available in India for all your property needs. With the help of these web portals, you can directly contact the owner and get it at a very competitive price. It will not only help you to get the best offer, but you can also save brokerage which is roughly between 1% to 2%.

These websites not only provide property options but few also help in loan calculation and loan approval. You can easily calculate your loan EMI as well.

Most popular top 15 property search websites

Here is the list of websites where you can easily search your need for a property with thousands of available options. We will not only share a list of websites but also share a detailed analysis of each website, which can help you to choose the right one for all your needs.

1. 99Acres

Founded in the year: 2005

Parent Company: Info edge (famous for

Head office: Noida, UP

99Acres is an Indian real estate database website founded in 2005. Info Edge is a parent company (better known as It is one of the oldest and reputed real estate search companies, which offers thousands of property buying and selling options.

It is a renowned name in the property search and real estate field due to its genuine and largest database and trust gained over a period. Here you can search for property according to your need and budget.

According to 99Acres, more than nine hundred thousand property listings span across 600+ cities in India.

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2. MagicBricks

Founded in the year: 2006

Parent Company: Times group

Head office: Noida, UP

MagicBricks is one of the top leading property search websites, in terms of popularity. It is a trusted brand in India among online real estate property search users.

There are many similarities with 99Arces due to the same business model. Apart from listing properties, Magicbricks provide detailed research and in-depth survey on various properties.

You can use these tools before selecting your dream property.

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3. Housing

Founded in the year: 2012

Parent Company: Prop

Head office: Gurugram, Haryana

Now we are going to discuss Housing. It is a Mumbai-based real estate search portal that allows customers to search for housing based on geography, no of rooms, and various other filters. The company claims to have 6000 brokers and serves 40 major cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai & Bengaluru. 

Listing data on this website is more accurate and genuine as they checked & verified more than 10 lakhs listing properties.

Recently it added a rental PG/Co-living option also.

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4. CommonFloor

Founded in the year: 2007

Parent Company: Quikr (Acquired in 2016)

Head office: Bangalore, Karnataka is another real estate search portal founded in 2007 by thee computer science graduates from IIT Roorkee and Jssate. In 2016, the classified advertising company Quikr acquired it.

According to the common floor, as a user, you have all conceivable property details for over 5 lakh active property listings across over 200 cities and over 1,10,000 projects.

Currently, it is active in all major cities across India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Bengaluru, etc. Recently it launches CommonFloor smart guard service for Visitor Management, where you can apply online if you wish to this service.

For more detail visit website

5. Real Estate India

Founded in the year: 1997

Owner: Weblink

Head office: Delhi

Another name on our list is Real Estate India. It is one of the oldest property search companies in this segment based in Delhi and It is owned by Weblink, a leading brand in web designing services and eCommerce solutions. They are providing solutions for selling residential and commercial properties for more than 20 years.

It is claiming more than 100,000 prospective customers daily for property search and is rendering comprehensive information about property locations, prime attractions, current trends,s and much more.

For more detail visit website

6. Sulekha Properties

Founded in the year: 2007

Owner: Norwest venture partners, Mitsui Co, Indigo Monsoon Group, GIC

Headoffice: Chennai

Sulekha properties is another real estate website on our list. Sulekha properties provide property listing for all major cities in India. Apart from Us, it is also providing property listing in major cities in the USA like Austin, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, etc. It provides local property search in many cities.

Sulekha is quite famous among south India’s major cities for reliable property search.

For more detail visit website

7. PropTiger

Founded in the year: 2011

Owner: Elara Technologies Pte Ltd

Head office: Gurugram, Haryana

PropTiger is another real estate searching online portal. It is providing good options especially if you are looking for property in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai & Pune. It is offering some additional features like help with the Home loan and legal advice. This site is preferable to the NRI community who are looking to invest in various cities in India.

Further & are belonged to prop tiger.

For more detail visit website

8. NestAway

Founded in the year: 2015

Owner: Nestaway Technologies Pvt Ltd

Head office: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Nestaway is a relatively new entry in the real estate search website list. It was founded in January 2015. Since then it is growing at a rapid speed.

It is basically a rental property search site as its name suggests. It is quite popular among people of all ages who need rental property during relocation. Further, it is more suitable for those who looking for a rental property in major cities. 

It is also run a referral campaign to promote Nestaway as you can get a referral amt if you suggest it to your friends and other persons.

For more detail visit website

9. Nobroker

Founded in the year: 2014

Owner: Mass IT channel Pvt Ltd

Head office: Bengaluru, Karnataka

No broker is a Bengaluru-based real estate search company. It connects Flat/property owners to tenants. As it does not charge any brokerage for any transaction, but they offer some service packages ranging from 999 to 5,999. No broker mainly served in the main five cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad & Gurugram in India. You can try this website if you want to eliminate brokerage charges. 

For more detail visit website

10. Quikr Homes

Founded in the year: 2014

Owner: Quikr

Head office: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Quikr Homes is another name in this property search list. It is another venture of Quikr who is mostly famous for its classified site. Frankly speaking, QuikrHomes is a more suitable option for rental PGs in metro cities where especially students or fresher Job seekers can easily find better options, who live away from their families.

So please consider this only you looking for rental PG in a metro city. As they are expanding their services but as of now, it is not much suitable for buying or selling any property.

For more detail visit website

11. OLX Homes

Founded in the year: 2014

Owner: Naspers, South Arica (acquired in 2010)

Head office: Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

OLX is also mostly known for classified as it is one of the biggest free classified sites in India similar to Quikr. It is similar to Quikr Homes in service as both are expanding their services in this relevantly new field of property search.

As OLX is providing free services and it is quite famous among users. Here you can deal directly with the seller or owner and further you can check the property by available pictures for a better idea.

For more detail visit to website

12. IndiaProperty

Founded in the year: 2006

Owner: India Property Online Pvt Ltd

Head office: Chennai

India property is another real estate search website with the objective of simplifying property buying and selling. It has 2 lakh satisfied customers and 3 million unique visitors per month. This site also provides verified properties through its “IP Verified” properties. You can also check its cool features like Truview, 3D floor Plan, and Virtual tours to feel without seeing it physically.

Other associate group companies are Quikr Homes & Common Floor. 

For more detail visit website

13. PropertyWala

Founded in the year: 2007

Head office: Noida, UP is a real estate website portal for property search. As it listed properties for all major cities of India but it will be more appropriate for property search in Delhi/NCR region. The unique feature of listing the property at propertywala is its style and concept in creative property advertisement like you can mark and show your property on the satellite view/map. By using the dynamic search option, one can find a more accurate property.

For more detail visit website

14. Makaan

Parent Company: Prop Tiger

Head office: Gurugram, Haryana is another name on our list. It is a part of Proptiger & housing. There is not much about It is in the building process as of now. It is mainly active in major growing cities like Pune & Ahmedabad.

For more detail visit website

15. Homeonline

Founded in the year: 2019-2020

Owner: Dainik Bhaskar Group

Head office: Noida, UP

Home online is a new entry in this segment. I put it at the bottom, not because of its servicing but because it is a relatively new entry. It is a part of the famous Dainik Bhaskar group. Currently, it is mainly providing services in all big north India cities and the Western part of India like Gujarat & Maharashtra. It is gaining popularity day by day. You can search for your dream property here. Further, you can directly communicate with their representatives as they provide all names & not as per your required property location. 

For more detail visit website

16. Nestoria

Founded in the year: 2014

Owner: Lokku Limited (part of Mitula Group)

Head office: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Apart from the top 15, We would like to add Nestoria as well. Even though it is a good portal, we mention it on 16 (out of the list) because it is a real estate agent or listing portal but Nestoria is a purely real estate property search engine. It is a venture by UK-based Mitula Group Ltd. It is used as a property search engine among property builders, developers, and other users. Basically, it is connecting the property owner to the actual buyer.

For better options, you can visit this site and get many hot properties deal at a very exciting price.

For more detail visit to website

So, these were the 15 top real estate websites for your property search in India. Please visit and explore my options as per your requirements.

Have a happy home search!!!
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